EsophyX TIF Procedure
The Esophyx Procedure is is an exciting new, non-surgical endoscopic treatment option for people who suffer from GERD.  Some of the advantages of the ExophyX Procedure include:
  • Requires only a 23 hour hospital stay.
  • Since there are no incisions, normal activities can usually be resumed in 48 - 72 hours.
  • Cost of procedure is much less compared to conventional surgery for GERD (about $15,000 for surgery ).
  • Expensive, daily medications (cost of daily medication can be over $2,000 per year) required for GERD can be reduced or entirely eliminated.
Dr. Hasan is now credentialed to perform this procedure.  For more information or an evaluation for this procedure, call Oakland Heartburn and Reflux Center at (248) 682-4900.  To learn more about the EsophyX Procedure please click here.


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